Family Law

Our dedicated Team of male and female specialists includes members of the Law Society's Family Law Panel and Resolution Accredited Specialists.  This expert training can assist the resolution of family disputes with less expense and associated stress.  We focus on practical and workable solutions rather than litigation, and strongly believe that other alternatives may be appropriate to help resolve issues arising.  However, where litigation is necessary, we robustly protect our client's interests.  We take the time to consider the right approach for each client.  Our Team provides dedicated client care and clear, strategic and pragmatic advice in a supportive environment on all aspects of family and matrimonial law, including:


Ensuring the wellbeing of children of separating couples is a priority to our specialist Team.

Our clients can rely on the thoughtful and sensitive way in which we deal with all aspects relating to children.  We are experienced in advising both married and non-married clients on the available financial provision for children.

Civil Partnerships

We give advice about the grounds for the dissolution of civil partnerships and the financial remedies that are available in these circumstances.

Cohabitation, including Cohabitation Agreements and relationship breakdown

We advise on the legal consequences of cohabitation, including the rights and obligations of a cohabiting couple to one another, and with particular attention to the ownership and division of property and rights to, and obligations towards, children.

Cohabiting couples may enter into a contract governing their cohabitation arrangements at the outset or during their relationship.  Others may require advice on how to proceed following the breakdown of their relationship.

Divorce, Dissolution, Nullity and Judicial Separation

Taking the decision to divorce is rarely easy.  We understand the emotional challenges and financial worries which can accompany divorce.  We guide our clients through the divorce process and give strategic advice on all related matters such as negotiating financial settlements and arrangements for children of the family.

We can discuss all the options that are available to you and, if you do proceed with divorce, we will be there to help and work alongside you to achieve what is best for you and your family.

Emergency Applications, including Domestic Abuse and Injunctions

We advise on the process of obtaining emergency relief from the Court in such circumstances as domestic abuse or the prevention of dissipation of assets or their transfer out of the jurisdiction.

Financial Settlements on relationship breakdown, including those with agricultural and commercial interests

We specialise in negotiating financial settlements in circumstances ranging from low income, to middle income, to substantial and complex high net worth.  We understand that some clients may be intimidated by what may be complex financial arrangements.  We bring sound judgment and strategy together with formidable negotiation skills to advise our clients on the appropriate strategy for reaching financial settlement.

The approach taken by the courts towards division and quantification of awards is a fast changing area of the law, and one in which our clients get the benefit of our expert knowledge.

Inheritance Act/Probate Claims

We can assist with dispute concerning the estate of someone who has died. Such cases usually involve family members or friends and can be distressing. Our approach is to seek a cost-effective and fair outcome, where possible, avoiding the need for expensive and time-consuming court action. Where court proceedings cannot be avoided, our team provides the highest standard of representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

The popularity of Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements has grown dramatically in recent years.

We explore with our clients the best options available, and advise about how best to safeguard assets in the event that a marriage might fail.  Sensitive advice and finely tuned negotiation skills are critical to achieving a Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement in appropriate terms.

Separation and Separation Agreements

Some couples need time apart before deciding on a course of action which may include divorce.

Separating couples may enter into a Deed of Separation setting out the financial and other arrangements to apply to the separation.

Variations and Enforcement

We advise on the steps to be taken to ensure compliance with Court orders and agreements relating to both financial matters and children and, where appropriate, advise on possible applications to vary orders already made.


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